Fertiliser Spread Analysis & Calibration Tool

This site allows you to use your test results to calculate your fertiliser product Size Guide Number (SGN) and Uniformity Index (UI) ensuring that it is within the recommended ranges.

You can calculate your fertiliser flow rate and determine how many kg/ha you're actually placing.

Finally and most importantly the tool allows you to analyse your Broadcast spreader configuration and based on your test results allows you to optimise your bout widths and ensure that you're laying consistent, cost effective fertiliser spread patterns where ever possible.

Download the On-Farm Calibration Guidelines for more information of calibrating your fertiliser spreader.

Download the FertSpread manual for more information on how to use this site.

Download the field sheet

You can download the latest Fertiliser Applicator Calibration Calculator (FACC) field sheet from the link below.

Download the FACC field sheet

When you have collected the data in your FACC field sheet return here, login and use the Start Assessment tab to understand your current configuration and run simulations by adjusting the bout widths.

How to lay out the trays

Testing Broadcast spreaders requires trays to be laid in the field to form a transect across which the spreader is driven.

One tray is placed on the centre line of the spreader drive path. Remaining trays are placed to the left and right to at least the furthest extent of fertiliser spread. The trays are equally spaced ideally with one tray in the centre of each adjacent spreader drive path as shown below.

Note: Do not place trays in wheel tracks, some sideways realignment is acceptable for these trays.